Camping Beneath Moon n' Stars

Sleeping beneath the stars is magical. On a clear night, gaze up at the sky for long enough and you will see shooting stars and maybe even spot a comet. There are several hundred comets that spend most of their lives flying among the planets of the inner Solar System. These comets leave trails of gas and dust behind them. The trailing dust becomes meteors, and as these crash into the thin air of the Earth’s atmosphere the dust burns up. These bright streaks of light across the night sky are known as shooting stars.

We encourage you to take time to wonder at the magical desert night in the desert of Jaisalmer. Desert of Jaisalmer is not only beautiful during the day, yet it is even more beautiful at night. Sky unhindered by pollution or other lights. The nights in the desert sky are remarkably beautiful as free of light and other pollution giving you an amazing opportunity to view the stunning constellations and incredible pathway of the Milky Way as it stretches across the sky.

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After the dinner you will be transferred by Jeep to Campsite tucked away in the middle of desert on the dunes far from the bright city lights. You will spend the night in the open on the sand dunes under the stars. On arrival at the campsite relieve yourself to the nature. What you will be getting is a comfortable bed with a couple of nightstands and lamps, but no walls, no toilet, no AC but feel the cool sand forming the softest carpet for your bare feet, no roof over your head but thousands of stars twinkling over your head. No lights, no sounds, but you can feel the cool desert winds and complete silence. We will put bonfire and you can sit around with your partner or family members and indulge in gossip and spend the quality time under the stars. We can serve tea/coffee or you can enjoy drinks. Finally, lay down on your beds looking at the overwhelming show the sky putting up for you. Sleep overnight under the thousands twinkling stars.


  •  Evening Camel Safari
  •  Sunset View on Dunes After Sunset Come Back to camp
  •  Traditional Welcome and tikka dasturi
  •  Evening Tea Coffee Snacks
  •  Live culture Program From Kalbelia And langas
  •  Dj Group dance
  •  Rajasthani Dance.
  •  Pickup from camp and drop at sand dunes for night stay
  •  open or removal tent Night Stay under the star 
  •  Morning tea at Dunes & tranfer to camp
  • – Morning Breakfast
  •  Check out from camo
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