About Adventure Activies

Rajasthan is a great place in India for people who are fond of history, culture, adventure, tradition, and many more. Every place in Rajasthan has a story to mesmerize tourists. Jaisalmer is such a city in Rajasthan, named according to the name of Maharaja Jaisal Singh. It holds several historical destinations and is popular for its tradition, culture, heritage, history, etc.

This is a land of forts and palaces, of splendid temples, colourful bazaars and sand dunes. Visiting Jaisalmer should be on your bucket list if you truly consider yourself a traveller. When it comes to what you can do in Jaisalmer to make your stay much more memorable, apart from the fact that you will be staying in the middle of the thar Desert; you can actually have a list of interesting things to do. Visiting a place isn’t about sightseeing anymore, the adventure activities simply add to the charm of the place and make your trip so much more enjoyable and memorable. Jaisalmer, rich with its heritage and cultural lineage will entice you both with its beauty and all the adventure tours in Jaisalmer you can get your hands on while in this Golden City. The city is best visited with your family and friends, adventures are always best enjoyed when you have company!

The world-famous Thar Desert is located here. The city is also popular for numerous adventurous sports and many tourists come here to experience those. Adventure sports in Jaisalmer include dune bashing, Jeep Safari, camel Safari, Village Tour, parasailing, and many more that you need to experience once in your lifetime. Jeep safari and Camel Safari are the other two popular adventure sports in Jaisalmer.

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