Parasailing Tour in Jaisalmer

Well, take a trip to Jaisalmer deserts and experience parasailing there. Jaisalmer city with rich culture, ancient ruins, and man-made lakes makes the best spot for Parasailing in Rajasthan. Prepare yourself for a sail in the wind and catch the bird’s- eye view of the entire Thar Desert.

As a part of the activity, parachutes are tied on the back of the jeep and flown in the direction of the wind. This entire activity is guided under the supervision of experienced parasailing instructors. Take the time off your hectic schedule and get ready to fly over the barren lands of Jaisalmer. The parasailing activity in jaisalmer is fun & uncertain and we can bet you don’t want to miss out your chance!

Parasailing Over the Dunes

Parasailing is one of the most thrilling experiences to indulge in, get a chance to experience one of the safest aero sports while you glide through the air and feel the air gushing around. Get a bird’s eye view of the city decorated with ancient forts, colorful lanes, and witness the beauty of the exotic desert in the backdrop. Anyone above the age of 5 can partake in this activity.


Paramotoring Over the Dunes

Paramotoring is a swift form of parasailing, using motors to navigate instead of being tied to a jeep. It offers everyone the freedom and experience of personal flight. The same paragliding wing is used along with a lightweight engine and propeller. With a paramotor, anyone can fly without a licence and costs much less than any other mode of aircraft.

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