Quad Biking Tour in Jaisalmer

The Quad Biking In Jaisalmer provides you with the opportunity of experiencing an adventurous activity session in Jaisalmer that would fill your heart with everlasting memories. Grab the chance to gain back the sportsman spirit in you. Let yourself undergo a fun-filled ATV Ride in Jaisalmer and enjoy the pleasure of riding a quad bike in the golden dunes of Thar Desert. 

The Quad Biking gives you an opportunity to explore the desert on a four tyres motorbike and quench your thirst for adventure in the desert. Enjoy this thrilling journey for around 20 minutes at the sand dunes.

You don’t have to go all the way to Dubai desert to experience adventurous dune bashing or quad biking. In Jaisalmer, one of the most adventurous and fun activities is riding Quad Bikes. Experience the sheer thrill of riding a quad bike in Jaisalmer.

The fresh breeze and the golden hue reflecting upon the desert of Jaisalmer and the golden sky will make the scene a stunner one. For an out of the box experience, ride over the sand dunes and don’t mind flipping over! So let go of the fear and picture yourself riding a monster bike for a thrill-filled evening in Jaisalmer.

Quad Biking in Jaisalmer

Quad Biking is another adventure activity which is also enjoyed by tourist at Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer. It is an extraordinary experience for a rider to ride ATV bikes in the desert area of Jaisalmer. We provide advance bikes to our guests and a professional instructor from our team to guide you throughout your adventure activity.

  • Thrill Of Riding An ATV
  • Ride on a complete offbeat trail
  • Take Adventure To The Next Level
  • Experienced and Trained Instructor
  • Quality equipment provided
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