Village Tours in Jaisalmer

The villagers life of Rajasthan is a completely different from city life in the world. You will find lots of knowledge of their simple life, culture, tradition, living style, cuisine etc. in Village tour package. in this package you will get many activities of villagers daily life, which you’ll never forget in your whole life, like stay with them in their huts, cooking with them, hundreds year old stories about their family members, hang-out with them. the village Safari tour has lots of activities which is cannot describe in the words.

If you want to see and experience the ancient Rajasthan, and its culture and traditions, then embark on the journey to the villages that still hold the glimpse of its rural form. Now time to pick your favorite Desert village Tour Package and you are just one click away for visit the Village safari Tour and avoid the stress of running around for arranging accommodation and travel as everything is available at your finger.

Khuri Village Tour

Amongst the village tours of Rajasthan, the Khuri Sand Dunes is a lesser known tourist destination. These dunes are situated in Khrui village, located 42 kms from the city of Jaisalmer. You can easily reach this part of the Thar Desert within thirty minutes from the city of Jaisalmer

Though Khuri is not as popular as Saam Sand Dunes, it definitely provides an enjoyable experience. The good aspect of this place is that they have managed to escape the commercialization.

The tourists visiting this place can enjoy a camel safari where the animals are elaborately decorated. The unique houses made of mud and thatched straws here further enhances the appeal of the village. One of the advantages of the Khuri Sand Dunes tour is that you get to stay with the locals in their mud houses.

Kuldhara Village Tour

Kuldhara Village, located around 20 kilometres from the Golden City Jaisalmer is one of the most interesting and intriguing attraction sites that you should absolutely include in your itinerary. The village, rich with its fair share of legends and myths, is said to be a spooky and haunted village. The abandoned and eerily beautiful appearance of it, standing solitary amidst the vast stretches of desert, lives up to its reputation. There have been stories of ghostly and paranormal activities in and around the village, but like always no one could provide any solid proof of it. Visit it, if you wish to be surrounded by an air of mystery.

Legend says that the residents of the entire area left the place overnight altogether to save their honour and lives from the hands of the tyrannical minister. Thus, the entire area is calm but eerily silent! There is nothing to do as such, but the experience itself makes up for all of it. The government with the help of some private construction companies are setting up cafes, restaurants and even lodges for the night stay to turn the place into a full-fledged tourist place.

Village Cultural Tours

Jaisalmer, the land of the golden fort, sand dunes, and the enchanting palaces is home to millions of people. Tour of the small villages near the camp will enable the guests to gain insight into the daily life of the locals. For Jaisalmer, festivals, fasts, and ceremonies are an integral part of life, these moments will allow you to delve deeper into the rural culture. It is the art of being content in one of the harshest climatic conditions that will touch your heart and live with you forever.
The rural life of Jaisalmer is simple and beautiful. This tour will give you a chance to meet village diginatories, traditional homes, and gain valuable insights into the Indian village society. We invite you to come and enjoy Jaisalmer’s way of life.

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